The list of 20 Relevant Articles about Bitcoins

February 13, 2018
  1. Making emerging phenomena a research priority

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
February 2018

Author(s): Manjit S. Yadav

  1. Price manipulation in the Bitcoin ecosystem

Journal of Monetary Economics
January 2018

Author(s): Neil Gandal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, Tali Oberman

  1. Nina Bandelj, Frederick F. Wherry, and Viviana A. Zelizer (eds.): Money Talks: Explaining How Money Really Works

Administrative Science Quarterly
January 2018

Author(s): Russell J. Funk 

  1. Bitcoin-based fair payments for outsourcing computations of fog devices

Future Generation Computer Systems
January 2018

Author(s): Hui Huang, Xiaofeng Chen, Qianhong Wu, Xinyi Huang, Jian Shen

  1. Social Finance Meets Financial Innovation: Contemporary Experiments in Payments, Money and Debt

Theory, Culture & Society
January 2018

Author(s): Chris Clarke, Lauren Tooker

  1. The influence of central bank monetary policy announcements on cryptocurrency return volatility

Investment Management and Financial Innovations
December 2017

Author(s): Shaen Corbet , Grace McHugh , Andrew Meegan

  1. The Social Life of Bitcoin

Theory, Culture & Society
December 2017

Author(s): Nigel Dodd

  1. Social Payments: Innovation, Trust, Bitcoin, and the Sharing Economy

Theory, Culture & Society
December 2017

Author(s): Taylor C. Nelms, Bill Maurer, Lana Swartz, Scott Mainwaring

  1. Deviating From the Cybercriminal Script: Exploring Tools of Anonymity (Mis)Used by Carders on Cryptomarkets

American Behavioral Scientist
October 2017

Author(s): Gert Jan van Hardeveld, Craig Webber, Kieron O’Hara

  1. Flow My FE the Vendor Said: Exploring Violent and Fraudulent Resource Exchanges on Cryptomarkets for Illicit Drugs

American Behavioral Scientist
October 2017

Author(s): Kim Moeller, Rasmus Munksgaard, Jakob Demant

  1. The Rise of Alternative Currencies in Post-Capitalism

Journal of Management Studies
July 2017

Author(s): Boyd Cohen

  1. Deterrence and Dissuasion in Cyberspace

International Security
February 2017

Author(s): Joseph S. Nye

  1. The Spectacle and Organization Studies

Organization Studies
January 2017

Author(s): Mikkel Flyverbom, Juliane Reinecke

  1. Corporate Governance and Blockchains

Review of Finance
January 2017

Author(s): David Yermack

  1.  The political economy of bitcoin

Economic Inquiry
April 2016

Author(s): Joshua R. Hendrickson, Thomas L. Hogan and William J. Luther

  1. How is Bitcoin Money?

Theory, Culture & Society
December 2015

Author(s): Ole Bjerg

  1. How Construals of Money versus Time Impact Consumer Charitable Giving

Journal of Consumer Research
December 2015

Author(s): Rhiannon Macdonnell, Katherine White

  1. Generalized optimal wavelet decomposing algorithm for big financial data

International Journal of Production Economics
July 2015

Author(s): Edward W. Sun, Yi-Ting Chen, Min-Teh Yu

  1. Bitcoin: Economics, Technology, and Governance

Journal of Economic Perspectives
Spring 2015

Author(s): Rainer Böhme, Nicolas Christin, Benjamin Edelma, Tyler Moore

  1. Costs and Benefits to Phasing out Paper Currency

NBER Macroeconomics Annual
January 2015

Author(s): Kenneth Rogoff

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