About us

The RCIFS was initiated by the team of scholars and two publishing companies: Limited Liability Company “Consulting Publishing Company “Business Perspectives” (Ukraine, https://businessperspectives.org) and “Kozmenko Science Publishing” (Poland, https://kozmenkopublishing.com).

Both companies are privately-owned commercial organizations, which are financed at the expense of article processing charge for open-access articles, subscription fees for hybrid journals (double-dipping issue is addressed for each journal) advertising and sponsorship. They are focused on the publication of scientific journals and monograph edition and also provide subscription services to the journals (online and print).

RCIFS’s research output is made available to the supporting community and interested parties through the above mentioned publishing partners.  

The Research Center for Innovative Financial Solutions (RCIFS) was launched in June 2017 for the purpose of connecting scholars and effectively coordinating research. Members of the RCIFS study important issues of financial innovations by making use of their expertise in such fields as monetary economics, finance, law, accounting, and financial engineering.

The Center is also aimed to unite efforts of its members for various research projects, promote various training programs in the field of financial innovations, take part in external funding programs (scientific grants) for relevant scientific research projects. The RCIFS also serves to improve expertise and foresight of all its participants on an ongoing basis. We expect that the achievements of the Center will be advantageous both for its members and international scientific community.

The primary research directions of the RCIFS include:

1. Financial markets

  • Evolution of financial markets development (theory and practice of financial markets).
  • Key concepts of financial markets development.
  • Types of financial markets: capital markets (bond markets, stock markets), money markets, derivatives markets, forex and interbank markets, insurance markets etc.

2. Financial services, instruments and innovations

  • Financial services: foreign exchange services, investment services, insurance, other financial services.
  • Bank services: commercial bank services, investment bank services.
  • Financial instruments: capital market instruments, money market instruments, hybrid instruments, derivatives.
  • Financial innovations: institutional innovations, process innovations, product innovations.

3. State and regional financial policy

  • Budgetary policy and taxation systems.
  • State and municipal finance.
  • State, corporate and household finance.
  • Government policy and regulation in financial sphere.
  • State financial management and fiscal policy.

The RCIFS is a non-commercial organization that is financed by the means of sponsorship.