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ifs research center

Publication and dissemination of quantitative and qualitative results of scientific research that significantly contribute to the fields of economics, business, and management.

Our Mission

The mission of the Research Center for Innovative Financial Solutions is to promote innovative empirical and theoretical research in financial economics, connecting international researchers and stimulating dialogue between the academic and financial communities. In order to achieve this we try to develop a strategic axis between universities and financial institutions while contributing to knowledge exchange on a global level. The principles of honesty and transparency, the respect of academic freedom and scientific integrity are fundamentals of our activities. RCIFS’s ambition is to guarantee the best environment for its participants and to develop synergies between researchers and practitioners.

The primary research directions of the RCIFS include: financial markets; financial services, instruments, and innovations; state and regional financial policy. The RCIFS also sponsors programs aimed at a wider audience such as academic conferences and training programs dedicated to financial innovative solutions. The Center has the possibility of effective dissemination of research results through our publishing partners.